VOL. 4

Open competition in RAW deadlift for everybody, who wants compete. It is for everybody, who don´t give up! In this competition is the most important to show your will compete on platform and also with yourself! 


Goals are clear. Arrive, compete, have fun and last but not least push your maxmimu. 

14.11.2020 - IN PRAGUE

Logout from the competiton

Due to the Chinese flu, we had to move the race from the original date of 2.5.2020 to spring 2021. If the new date does not suit you for any reason and you want to unsubscribe from the race, fill out the form and we will refund your entry fee.


1.  Women juniors up to 23yo (born in 1997 and younger)  - results will be determined by the Wilks points

2. Women - results will be determined by the Wilks points

3.  Men juniors up to 23 years old (born in 1997 and younger)  - results will be determined by the Wilks points

4.  Men amateurs up to 90 kg - results kg

5.  Men amateurs 90+ kg - results kg

6. Men up to 85 kg - results kg

7.  Men up to 105 kg - results kg

8.  Men 105+ kg - results kg



Deadlift Challenge is not just sport event. There will wait for you special program, great atmosphere and valuable prices from our sponsors. The biggest Champions in one place. You will see attempt for new Czech record in double deadlift 725 kg! Our event will have professional moderator. You will enjoy professional sound system. We will cover great organized event with qick loader. In others words, it will be show that wil entertrain you and it will be unforgettable experience. When we do something, then "roundly" #doplnejch

Record attempt

Attempt to push czech record in doubledeadlift 725 kg

Competition T-shirt

T-shirt for every athlet with name/nickname on back (*registration till 1st of April)

Challenge cup

Name of the champion on the base of the cup

Moderate championship

Event with professional moderator

Photo wall

You can take a photo in front of photo wall with ambasadors, world champions and with friends

Each athlete will get starter pack: 

✶ Compete T-shirt Deadlift Challenge with your name or nickname on back 
✶ Memorable medal Deadlift Challenge

✶Discount codes from sponsors


We prepare new part of the event, is BIG show. On the stage Deadlift Challenge will fight biggest and strongest monsters from deadlift scene with special guest - last years overall Champions from VOL.1, VOL.2 and VOL.3.

Next monster in Monster League will be overall winner from Deadlift Challenge VOL.4.

Who will be the biggest monsters in VOL.4?

Overall Champion from VOL.1 became Martina Dostálová, winner from VOL.2 is Lukáš Bláha and winner from VOL.3 is Martin Dvořáček. Another athletes will be anounced step by step.

We will send invitation to monsters from best classes in powerlifting/weighlifting/strongmans with name of our ambasador - World Champion from IPF and organizer of this event David Lupač. 


We will se who will take hype and accept this invitation. But today we know, that in MOnster League will be maximum 6 athletes. 



Champion of Deadlift Challenge VOL1 with result 222,5 kg. Fyzioterapeut, massager a dog protector.

Best results: Owerall champion GPC Powerlifting

World Championship 2016, 

1.place Arnold Strongwoman Classic Africa 2019, 

1. place Deadlift Challenge VOL.1  cat. women and owerall winner.  

PR deadlift: 255 kg


Champion Deadlift Challenge VOL.2 with result 340 kg. 

Best results:  1.place World Championship 2017 in deadlift

1.place Europen Championship 2018

1.place Czech Championship 2018 

World record in WRPF 360kg 

World record in GPC 345kg.

PR deadlift: 360 kg


Best results:  Overall champion in deadlift in Czech Championship WUAP 2018 and 2019

Overall champion in deadlift in Czech Championship GPC 2018 and 2019.

4 time winner in Deadlift Madness.

PR deadlift: 370 kg

Best results:  Several times World Champion in IPF Powerlifting RAW

Overall record holder in deadlift in IPF in history

Monster League Winner Deadlift challenge vol.2 and vol.3

PR deadlift: 432,5 kg

Best results: Overall winner Deadlift challenge vol.3.

PR deadlift: 355 kg

Best results: Wrpf winter cup Bratislava 2019 juniors up to 75 kg,

PR deadlift: 290 kg

Overall winner Iron Dead League

PR dead lift: 305 kg

Crossfit With Us

Pod Harfou 9, 190 00 Praha 9 – Vysočany


CrossFit With Us

Event will be in 14th of November 2020 from 8:00 in Prague - Vysocany. This building has 550m² and you will have unforgettable experience and you will see a lot of personal records!

Parking is possible on the street and is FREE.

Crossfit With Us

Pod Harfou 9, 190 00 Praha 9 – Vysočany


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